Misconceptions About Conception — 5 Ways to Improve Your Fertility Naturally

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, your gynecologist may recommend trying in vitro fertilization methods to help you get pregnant. For some women, this has wonderful results — but the cost of this method can be expensive and out of reach for many. When 6.7 million women have trouble conceiving and carrying a baby to term, it can seem like you’re out of options. Before you commit to giving the future of your fertility over to the professionals, consider these five ways to boost your fertility naturally.

1. Keep track of your ovulation

Whether this is done through a calendar or an app, tracking your ovulation is a great way to figure out what day you’re most fertile. You can also use an ovulation predictor kit if you’re unable to track any patterns in your cycle. Ovulation is when the egg is released from your ovaries — this is the best time to have sex or use intrauterine insemination. Having sex five days before that time is also beneficial; because semen can live in the vagina for up to seven days, having sex closer to the time you ovulate can result in an increased likelihood of pregnancy. Talk to your gynecologist for resources about women’s health and tracking your ovulation.

2. Change or stop using lube

Sexual lubricants often contain spermicides that will decrease your chance of getting pregnant. Re-read the label of your favorite lube to check for spermicidal agents and look carefully at the ingredients –even though it may not be labeled as a spermicide, some ingredients can hinder conception.

3. Stop smoking

This is something that both partners should partake in. Smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages in women and lowers sperm count in men. Talk to your gynecologist or your doctor to discuss ways to quit smoking and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

4. Never douche

Whether you’re trying to conceive or not, douching is never good for your vagina. It destroys the natural pH of your vagina, making you more prone to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections, and can cause pelvic infections. Additionally, this can hinder sperm getting to the egg. Talk to your OBGYN about other options if you have trouble abstaining from douching.

5. Boost your nutrition

This can include taking vitamins, eating more healthy foods, and cutting sugary and fatty foods. Not only is maintaining a healthy weight key in increasing your chances of pregnancy, eating regularly will keep your ovulation regular and healthy. Try drinking more water, eating more proteins, and incorporating more vitamins in your diet. Before you undergo a major lifestyle change, always talk to your doctor. OBGYN specialists are professionals in womancare and they are there to ensure the safety of you during your pregnancy, and working with them is key when you want to work out a fertility plan that works for you.

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