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Welcome to MedSpa at WomanCare located in Arlington Heights. Here you will find non-surgical medical cosmetic and aesthetic procedures done by a Master level nurse injector with over 20 years of experience. Visit our website for more information about MedSpa at WomanCare.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation involves reversing the effects of aging that we notice on our skin. These changes start on our face as fine lines around our mouth and eyes, and then become deeper over time.   These involve all aspects of our face including our forehead, eyes, cheeks, eyelids, and our mouth area.  There are many simple treatments that can be used to help these problems. Skin rejuvenation involves reversing the effects of aging that we notice on our skin. These changes start on our face as fine lines around our mouth and eyes, and then become deeper over time.   These involve all aspects of our face including our forehead, eyes, cheeks, eyelids, and our mouth area.  There are many simple treatments that can be used to help these problems. Earlier treatment of fine lines can prevent some of the deeper lines that develop including the forehead lines (“double 1”), nasolabial folds, and jaw lines (“marionette lines”).  Luckily, there are non-surgical treatments for many of these aging changes. Topical numbing cream is used for almost all treatments so most patients feel little to no discomfort.

Botox and Dysport

These are FDA-approved products to help smooth the lines in your face around your eyes (“crows feet”), frown lines, and forehead lines.

The effects take effect within 2 weeks and will last for 3 months or longer.

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These are FDA-approved products that are used to help “fill” in areas of your face that have lost volume due to aging.  They can be added to the cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, and around the mouth.

Fillers we offer include:  Restylane, Refyne, Defyne, Contour, Lyft, Sculptra, Silk, and Kysse.

Plasma Pen

This is a very advanced, non-invasive treatment which is used for skin lifting and skin tightening.  This treatment increases collagen and elastin in the skin.  The most common areas treated include the upper eyelids, under the eyes (“tear troughs”), nasolabial folds, jaw, corners of the mouth, and neck. The Plasma Pen can also be used on any loose skin including stretch marks, abdomen, upper arms, and hips.  The “Plasma Pen” is a FDA-approved device that uses electrical energy to the skin’s surface without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The electrical energy stimulates fibroblasts, cells in the skin that produce collagen and elastin, thereby increasing collagen and elastin in the skin.   The device does not touch the skin during treatment.  The Plasma stream creates multiple tiny red dots on the treated skin, which forms into tiny scabs.  The scabs will fall off after 5-7 days.  Noticeable results are often seen immediately.  Remodeling of the skin occurs over time as collagen production increases, and therefore continued improvements in the skin occurs in the next 12 weeks.  Most patients notice a more youthful appearance even after only 1 treatment. Each treatment takes 60-90 minutes, but can take longer depending on the areas you are treating. 


A Rejuvapen is used to make tiny skin pricks in the skin which then allow applied serums to reach the dermis. The healing of the small skin pricks leads to an increase in collagen production in the skin, leading to smoother, tighter, more toned, and refreshed skin. Tiny skin pricks are made in the skin with a Rejuvapen ™, a special tool.  Serums are applied to the treated area which reach the dermis.  These small tiny skin pricks heal naturally and the skin then increases collagen production.   As the skin heals collagen production in the skin increases, leading to smoother, tighter, more toned, and refreshed skin.  This process of healing and rejuvenation continues for 3-6 months after the treatment.  Most patients need 2 – 4 Microneedling treatments 1 month apart to reach their desired effects.

PRP for treating of hair loss for men and women

The most common cause of hair thinning and hair loss occurs with aging and is called Androgenic alopecia. This is also called female (or male)-pattern baldness. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments can stop further hair loss and also result in new hair growth… finally an effective treatment for this devastating disorder! PRP works by delivering many different growth factors to the scalp and hair follicles. PRP is most effective when Vellus hairs are still present, before true baldness occurs. Vellus hairs are the hairs that are stimulated with PRP. Therefore, you need to seek treatment as soon as you can to prevent true baldness in these areas, in which case PCP may not be effective. The treatment involves drawing a sample of blood from your arm, then processing the blood to obtain the platelets and plasma (“Platelet Rich Plasma”). These are placed in tiny syringes and the PRP is injected into the scalp. PRP treatments are done in a series of 3 treatments 8-12 weeks apart. Most often, patients notice a significant improvement in hair quality and thickness after the second treatment. Androgenic alopecia is a chronic, progressive condition that will not be cured with PRP. In order to maintain your results, you will need to continue with 1-2 treatments annually.


Threads are suture material that are placed into the skin that stimulate collagen production in the areas you need it. Dissolvable suture material is placed into areas of thin skin or etched lines in the face. As the threads dissolve in the next 6-8 weeks, collagen is laid down into the tracts where the threads were placed, leading to a more youthful appearance. Treatments are repeated until a desired amount of collagen production is achieved.

Chemical Peel

We offer at Italian peel, PRXT33, that has no “downtime” or peeling. This can be used on the face, chest, hands, abdomen and thighs to help your skin. It is a peel without a peel… there is no peeling or flaking with this treatment!

This chemical peel uses 4 lb of pressure to push the chemical into the dermis, where elastin and collagen originate. This peel penetrates down to the deeper layers of the skin but leaves the skin surface intact. This peel can be done any time of the year as it does not cause sensitivity to the sun.

Some of the effects of this peel include:
– Improved hydration, firmness and tightening of the skin.
– Reduction in pore size
– Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines
– Diminished age spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma
– Brightens skin
– Lift sagging skin including face, chest, abdomen, stretch marks, chest, and thighs!

Theresa Camberis, RN, BSN
Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Theresa Camberis BSN, RN is a Master level Aesthetic injector with over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic injection field. She is one of the largest volume injectors in the Midwest region. Theresa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 1989. Her professional career has included intensive care nursing, plastic and aesthetic surgery nursing, and nursing management. Theresa is a lifelong learner and is passionate about teaching others. She frequently attends instructional courses and training forums with world renowned physicians and nurses, enabling her to enhance her aesthetic injecting techniques and expand her knowledge about the most recent advances, including new products, procedures, and techniques available for her patients. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Nursing and certification in Family Nurse Practitioner (NP).  

 Theresa has an outstanding reputation in the aesthetics field, and is a peer to peer instructor for Galderma (GAIN). She has been a GAIN trainer for 6 years, and she travels across the country with Galderma to help train both physicians and nurses on the proper technique of injectables. She is dedicated to elevate the standards of care in aesthetic practice to optimize results, eliminate complications, and increase patient satisfaction.
Theresa has a dynamic understanding of the “beautiful face”. She approaches each rejuvenating procedure in a uniquely individual way to enhance a patient’s own youthful, natural look. She collaborates with her patients to identify their concerns and goals. Her artistic eye and passion for excellence results in her ability to exceed her patients’ expectations. Theresa’s patients express the utmost satisfaction with their more rejuvenated, youthful looking appearances.
Theresa is an outstanding, compassionate, and caring nurse with 30 years of experience. She looks forward to meeting you is excited to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
WomanCare is beyond excited to have Theresa as our Aesthetic Nurse.

Elyse Erlich, MD

Elyse Erlich, MD is the Medical Director and Manager of MedSpa at WomanCare. She met Theresa over 10 years ago as a patient herself, and has referred both family and friends to her over the years. 

Everyone, including Dr Erlich, has been extremely impressed by Theresa’s skills, honesty, and compassion. Dr Erlich has been trained in all MedSpa procedures but will not be performing them. WomanCare is excited to have Theresa’s expertise at WomanCare.

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