Obstetrics - Prenatal Vitamins and Iron Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins
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Iron Vitamins
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Vitamin Nutrients and Specific Nutritional Needs


Folic Acid Supports

  • Fetal growth and development

  • DNA and RNA synthesis

  • Red blood and immune cell (RBC formation


Deficiency may lead to neural tube effects (NTDs)


Iron Vital To

  • RBC production

  • Building iron stores during first trimester

  • Guarding against iron deficiency anemia during third trimester


Very little iron is absorbed through diet alone, making supplementation important


Calcium Crucial To

  • Bone and teeth formation

  • Nerve and immune function

  • Muscle contraction and strength


Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption


Zinc Promotes

  • Cell growth during pregnancy

  • Healthy birth weight

  • Healthy Immune function

  • DNA production and function


Deficiency may cause an increase in preterm births


Essential Fatty Acids Support

  • Fetal brain and eye development

  • Structural formation of vital organs

  • Healthy nervous systems


Algae provides a potent source of DHA without concern of contamination from Mercury or PCBs



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