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The Benefits Of Cord Blood & Tissue Banking

On May 13th at 6:30pm we have partnered with CBR on a Zoom webinar on the benefits of Cord Blood and Tissue banking. The webinar link is: https://zoom.us/j/97876854585 The primary topics that will be covered are:

  • Current uses for Cord Blood

  • What is Regenerative and Transplant medicine

  • Cord Tissue Uses

  • Current Studies being conducted

There will be several opportunities for questions so please come prepared with any questions you may have. This will be presented by CBRs Lauren Isley. Lauren is a genetic counselor at CBR and will be happy to answer all questions you may have. This will be a very beneficial program, so please don’t miss it. WomanCare also has special pricing for this event of $800 for Cord Blood and $1200 for Cord Blood and Tissue. Please note, there is no payment due until after birth, and if you need to cancel your enrollment for any reason, they will waive any fees. You must reach out to our CBR Stem Cell Educator for this price, as this is a special promotion we have set up. His contact information is:

Mike Tennant




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