What Should I Expect When my Waters Break?

Wondering what it will be like when your waters break is common. At WomanCare in Illinois, we’re here to provide exceptional healthcare throughout your pregnancy journey. One of the ways we do that is through education. Here are some questions about waters breaking we hear and their answers: Q: What are the waters? A: Your […]

7 Tips for Better Sleep While Pregnant

Sleepless nights are the reality for most new parents but, pregnant women know sleep troubles start long before the baby makes their arrival. Hormones, changing body, and stress levels compromise sleep during pregnancy. Lack of sleep can affect energy and mood and even make it more likely to experience pregnancy complications. Longer, more painful labors, […]

Endometriosis: What You Can Do

Endometriosis affects each woman differently so there’s no guaranteed treatment plan that works for everyone. When you’re trying to find a way to ease endometriosis pain, it can take a lot of trial and error. Some home remedies, treatment plans, medications, and lifestyle changes can help give you relief and make endometriosis pain more manageable. […]

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up all your usual routines. Your daily activities and diet may stay largely the same. Of course you want to continue following all the general rules for good health: nutrition, sleep and exercise. But there are some things you should avoid during pregnancy for your health and for […]

5 Important Reasons to Visit the OBGYN Every Year

Women’s health care is incredibly important, and that’s why there are some of the best OBGYNs out there to help women with their specific health care needs. While there is no one reason to see a gynecologist, there are certain circumstances that certainly warrant a visit. Breast health screening services Breast exams are most commonly […]

3 Signs You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

Approximately 44% of women with infertility have sought medical assistance. Of those who seek medical intervention, approximately 65% give birth. But regardless of whether or not you’ve received medical treatment from a womens health care professional, knowing when it’s time to take a pregnancy test is of the utmost importance. Here are just a few […]

Exploring Common Reasons to Get an Ultrasound (Other Than Pregnancy)

Ultrasounds are performed for many reasons, and one of the most common is for pregnancy. That being said, it helps to understand the other reasons ultrasounds are performed in case you come down with a medical issue that an ultrasound can help to diagnose. With that in mind, here are a few reasons you may […]

Here’s What to Expect During Your First Mammogram

By the age of 40, only two in five women who wish to have a baby will be able to do so. Many visit an OBGYN to explore treatment options, but most of these professionals also provide breast health screening services, another essential component of womens health care. If you’ve recently scheduled an appointment to […]

Mindfulness During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Any woman who has ever gone through a pregnancy will tell you that it drastically changes the body. For example, the average woman has 17 square feet of skin when she is not pregnant. This stretches to an unbelievable 18.5 square feet by the ninth month of pregnancy. Due to these intense physical, mental, and […]