Weight Loss and Wellness Center

Many of us need to lose weight and address our bad eating habits. WomanCare hopes that this is the time you will address your weight concerns. WomanCare offers several successful physician monitored program options. Our staff provides the guidance and accountability needed for true success. Start today! Achieve the guaranteed results you have always wanted.

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Suzanne Janusz is a Weight Management Consultant and A.C.E Certified personal trainer.

Suzanne performs the initial intake counseling. She then meets with you weekly—for encouragement, problem solving, dietary counseling, measurements/weight etc. Patients will see their practitioner initially, at 4-5 weeks and at the close of the diet. Should a patient need additional practitioner monitoring, this will be arranged.

Suzanne has worked in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. Her fitness and wellness journey has taken her from managing a large scale heath club, in home personal training, teaching a weekly weight management class along with working in a clinic as a weight loss coach for Ideal Protein. Suzanne’s passion and goal is to help women achieve overall positive self-image and empower woman
to look at nutrition and exercise as a natural part of their lifestyle. At WomanCare, Suzanne will direct and guide clients to find the best medically supervised weight loss program that fits the client’s lifestyle. She will monitor the proper program and tools to achieve maximum weight loss.

Tammy Whitacre
Ideal Protein Coach

Tammy Whitacre is a weight management consultant at WomanCare in Palatine Illinois. She skillfully brings education and implementation of the Ideal Protein Protocol to clients interested in maintaining a better lifestyle, in addition to losing weight. Tammy enjoys reaching out to clients through encouragement, nutritional information and accountability to facilitate positive eating habits. Personally, Tammy has spent 5 years journeying through a variety of exercise and nutritional interests and offers a wide variety of experience from Yoga and Energy Work to Self-Nutritious Training and going through the Ideal Protein Protocol herself. People who know her can always count on her positive outlook, balanced approach, attention to detail, reservoir of resources and depth of knowledge and perspective. She has helped many people courageously make healthy choices to produce healthy circumstances in their lives.

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