Fetal Movement Counts

Fetal movement counts, also known as Kick Counts, is an at home test to help keep track of the baby’s movements. This assessment helps to monitor the baby’s activity pattern from 26 weeks of pregnancy until delivery. Keep in mind that every baby will have its normal wake and sleep pattern. A baby may sleep 20 to 40 minutes per cycle. This test should be done when the baby is most active throughout the day.

How To Count Fetal Movement:

  • Within approximately 15 to 20 minutes after eating or drinking something, get into a comfortable resting position. If lying down, remain on your left side.
  • Make note of the counting start time
  • Count all movements (kicks, twists, flutters, swishes, hiccups, etc.)
  • When you have reached 10 movements, note the time again; most babies move 10 times within the hour.
  • Perform this assessment twice a day, unless otherwise specified by your physician


  • Fetal activity is increased at night and approximately 30 minutes after eating
  • If you do not count 10 movements in an hour, drink and/or eat something sweet. If there is still decreased movement, contact your physician to evaluate you and the baby.