Speakers’ Bureau

Our healthcare providers are experienced in presenting health related programs in many settings. The Speakers Bureau was developed as part of WomanCare’s mission of outreach and service to our community. We will come to your business, school, health facility, library or any other community or organization event.

Following is an ever changing and expanding list of presentations available. To schedule an appearance or find answers to questions about these programs, please contact Maria Holguin at 847-221-4711.

Bladder Health with Randall C. Kahan, M.D.

Urinary incontinence, loss of bladder control, affects over 25 million Americans. WomanCare’s Center for Bladder Control offers a comprehensive program that uses a multi-disciplinary approach in treating urinary incontinence. With an 87% success rate WomanCare Dr. Randall C. Kahan speaks to attendees about non-invasive and minimally invasive methods used to gain successful results for this condition.

Trends in Women’s Health with Claudine M. Kasinak, M. D.

Dr. Kasinak encompasses many areas of women health at different ages and stages of the life cycle. She discusses the current trends that are truly helping women. New medicines and treatments are explained and de- mystified. Join us and heighten your awareness, so you can dialogue with your doctor and make the best health choices for you.

Women’s Health Jeopardy with Elyse P. Erlich, M.D.

Fun and informative venue for discussing health issues in a group setting. A positive and uplifting message on self-care is delivered all the while covering basic knowledge and information about health.

“Hysterectomy” with Henry A Dominicis MD

Women are frequently faced with the question of whether or not to have an abdominal hysterectomy. Dr. Dominicis presents available, conservative options, both medical and surgical, to treat ailments which use to require a hysterectomy.

“Contraception” with Henry A Dominicis MD

There are many more contraceptive options today. Dr. Dominicis explains the various options available, including the new patches, rings, coils and pills. He will review the latest treatment method, which eliminates a women’s menses for three months at a time.